The Earned Title of Yogi

Founder of Yoga Center of Fresno

As Yogi Shalom and founder of Yoga of the Old Masters, I have been asked,"Who gave you your certification to teach yoga?” My Teacher Sadhu Balwant Grewal gave me my title of Yogi in 1968. His teacher gave him his title of Sadhu. Sadhu’s teacher and the teachers for hundreds of years before him gave a title to the student, when in the teachers’ opinion the student was ready to teach. At that time there was no institute where you could go for a few weeks and spend several hundreds of dollars to buy a certificate to teach yoga. This requires years of observation by the teacher. Sadhu described his teaching method this way: ”After the student has received an assignment I observe to see when he is living the assignment and only then is he given more.”

"I have known Yogi Shalom, founder of the Yoga Center, for many years as a friend and co-worker in the field of spiritual teachings such as yoga and meditation."

"This book is not the product of imagination and abstract thinking, but the fruit of active experience and practical observation by the author. It has been conceived by a man who has studied the science of yoga, practiced, developed and taught it to thousands of yoga students."

"Yogi Shalom has successfully explained the Hatha Yoga phenomena in terms of Western anatomy and physiology. His teachings have been greatly appreciated by his students; many of them are now successful teachers of yoga."

Sadhu Balwant S. Grewal (1974)

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